Fallas Street Food

When bunuelo and chocolate and churro stands started popping up on nearly every block in Valencia, we wondered how there could possibly be enough people to consume all of these sweets. Now we know.

Bunuelos and Churros

This city is jam packed. I’ve read estimates of between 1 and 3 million visitors to Fallas and, after being out in the street, I could believe the 3 million number. Regardless of which estimate is correct, it’s a lot of hungry people to feed.

The restaurants may be filled with people with superior planning skills who made their lunch and dinner reservations in advance, but there is still plenty of food to be found for us non-planners. While there have been bunuelos, churros and sausage stands during Fallas for a long time, this is the first year that the city has brought in real food trucks to feed the crowd. How did they possibly feed all of these people before?

Burgers and Dogs Collage 3

Do you want a hamburger, hotdog, octopus burger? Somewhere on the street you can find it. We even saw a guy slicing a leg of jamon. How about a freshly made mojito while you walk around to look at the Fallas? Not bad at all!

Fallas Street Jamon
Jamon in the street (Thanks for the photo bomb)
Mojito Stand 1
Freshly muddled Mojitos

There are food trucks set up around the most crowded areas, including the Mercado Central. We haven’t made it there yet, but there is a big group of trucks near the market called the  FoodTruck Fallas Motorshow, which are open from noon to 2:00AM. This is the third year for the FoodTruck Fallas  Motorshow in Valencia.

Food trucks Mercado Central
Food stands next to Mercado Central
Food Trucks Mercado Central 2
Food stand next to Mercado Central

The most relaxing spot may be El Parterre park where you can grab an octopus burger from possibly the most interesting truck and sit on the grass in the park. (Now, I love octopus, but I haven’t been brave enough to try this yet.)

Food Trucks Parterre Park 1
Food Trucks in El Parterre Park
Food Truck Parterre Park 2
Pulpo (octopus) truck in El Parterre Park

Bottomline – wherever you happen to be wandering around Valencia this week, it shouldn’t be hard to find a bite to eat.

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