Floating Through a Fairy Tale: A Wine Cruise on the Vltava River in Prague

As many of our friends are thinking about getting out on the water and boating during this holiday weekend, we are reminiscing about an evening spent cruising the Vltava River in Prague. Fairytale architecture, a setting sun, and an education in Czech wines…unforgettable!

Julia Eats

The Vltava river became magical as the sun went down. We had escaped the crowded streets and cruised along the river at a leisurely pace. We sipped on Czech wines and took in the historical sights along the riverbanks. A Wine Boat cruise was the ideal way to begin our summer in Prague and introduce ourselves to this beautiful city.

Vltava River Prague Castle

The Wine Boat is the genius idea of Emma and Andrej, a charming young Czech couple who combined their skills to create an ideal way to see the city and learn about the local wines at the same time. Emma had the boat and has been cruising on the Vltava River for more than 5 years as a Prague Boats Captain. Andrej is an experienced Sommelier who designs a tasting of five wines from Bohemian and Moravian wine regions of the Czech Republic.

pontoon wine boat cruise vltava river prague

Emma-and-Andrej Emma and Andrej

We met Emma and…

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