Jills Urban Food Crawls is now Julia Eats!

Julia Eats?

That’s right, I am changing the name of the blog.

When Jill’s Urban Food Crawls began, it was all about using self-guided food crawls as a way to tour a new city, learning about local culture along the way.  Like most everything, the blog has evolved over time. Food crawling is still one of our favorite ways to entertain ourselves and we will continue to do so in every country and city that we visit.

However, I increasingly find myself writing more about wineries and craft beverages, sharing our favorite restaurant discoveries, researching local ingredients, learning how to cook with them and working out new recipes. Well, to be honest, my husband is the chef of the house and enjoys working out new recipes…I enjoy eating and writing about it. (Really, it all comes down to what I am eating!)

Julia Eats better reflects the overall scope of our gastronomic journeys. So please keep following along to see what Julia Eats next.  The change will take place over the next day or so. I have been assured that nothing will change for my current followers, so you don’t need to do anything and will still receive my posts. You will still be able to reach the site through JillsUrbanFoodCrawls or go directly to JuliaEats. Thanks for following!

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