Brightest Young Things on Republic

duck confit cubano sandwich
duck confit cubano sandwich
Duck Confit Cubano Sandwich, Republic

If we hadn’t embarked on our Redline East Crawl, we might never have ventured to Takoma Park, and we might never have tried the duck confit cubano sandwich at Republic. There would be a little sandwich-sized hole in my heart waiting to be filled.

Each time we do one of these food crawls, we find at least one special place that is worth going back to. On that particular day, Republic was that special place. I’m not a food critic, nor am I a photographer; but I do love to eat and to look at pretty pictures of food.

In this wonderful review of Republic by Brightest Young Things, they do a much better job than I could of showing why Republic is worth the trip to Takoma Park, including more photos of that amazing cubano sandwich.

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