Tips for successful food crawling

  • Check with restaurants before you head out to make sure that they are open during the days and times you will be visiting.
  • Self-guided food crawls work best in small groups of up to four people, especially if you are relying on spontaneous seats at the bar.
  • When using the Metro, plan on extra time between restaurants to allow for the unpredictable train schedules. In DC, bookmark the WMATA’s Next Train page on your smart phone. Some of the restaurants we visit are close enough to the Metro stations that you can keep an eye on real-time train arrivals before you leave your seat at the bar.
  • Pace yourself.  Think of it like a long distance race. I know that you’re hungry, but if you have too much at the first spot you risk filling up midway through the crawl.
  • Know your limits.  Sorry for the buzzkill, but only you know how much food and drink you can handle in a single afternoon or evening.  Adjust the food crawling schedule accordingly.

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